Call our Tsunagite Handyman service in Saitama! House cleaning, renovating, clearing up, help in Japanese

困った時のお手伝い つなぎて ホームサポート ご依頼・お問合せはこちら(平日9~20時) TEL:048-711-1922 代表直通電話 090-5212-9956 つなぎて メールでのお問合せ

Tsunagite is a project started by Minami Urawa Baptist Church, and is mainly staffed by the minister, Sakae Yokota. We want to connect with people who need even just a little practical work done, and we want them to be able to trust in reliable workers.


We’re not simply interested in connecting customer and company, we want to connect person to person, to build trust through working in the community. We want to be connecting hands in the community.


Wallpapering \850/1㎡~
Shoji paper doors
 Fusuma cupboard doors
Replacing amido nets \2,000~

House cleaning

Kitchen fan \5,000~
Bathroom \11,000~
Toilet \5,000~
Air-conditioner \9,000~

Repairs / Maintenance

Changing bulb
 (cost of bulb paid by customer)
Changing seal on tap \800~
Fixing electrical problem
 in a house

Gardening work

Weeding \2,400~
Tree trimming \2,400~
Car washing \2,000~

Assembling, fixing

Assembling furniture \2,400~
Moving furniture \2,400~

Other (shopping, Japanese support, other help)

Whatever we can do to help you, we will be happy to do it.
Basic Service costs \1900 per hour
 (plus cost of materials)
Technical charge \500-\1,000
 may be required, depending on the work

埼玉県さいたま市浦和区のハウスクリーニング・リフォームのつなぎてホームサポート サービス対応エリア

500yen up to 10km
1000yen up to 15km
1500yen up to 20km

Tsunagite Home Support mainly works within 30-45 minutes drive from Urawa-ku,(Urawa-ku/ Minami-ku/Chuo-ku/Omiya-ku/Sakura-ku/Kita-ku/Minuma-ku/Nishi-ku/Kawaguchi-shi/Warabi-shi) but we can also travel to surrounding cities within a 20km area.(Iwatsuki-ku / Asaka-shi /Ageo-shi /Ina-machi /Kawagoe-shi /Koshigaya-shi /Shiki-shi /Soka-shi /Toda-shi /Hasuda-shi /Fujimi-shi /Fujimino-shi)

「つなぎてについて」 つなぎては収益の10%を地域に還元しています。 つなぎて スタッフブログ ちょこ隊 ピアノサポート
つなぎて よくあるご依頼TOP5 リフォーム ハウスクリーニング お庭仕事 修繕・メンテナンス 家具の組み立て つなぎて お客様の声 ―つなぎてをご利用下さった皆様の事例と感想をご紹介します!― つなぎて 料金体系 -つなぎては安心の明朗会計です!- つなぎて よくある質問 ―つなぎてのご利用に関する皆さまの疑問にお答えします!― 南浦和バプテスト教会 オフィシャルサイト